GreenlightEd App – COVID-19 Health Screenings

We have partnered with Duke and Greenlight Ed to complete our daily health screening so we can monitor the overall health of our school community. Please set up your Greenlight account today and complete the survey daily for each child even while your children are learning remotely.  We will use this data and input to ensure we are ready for reopening safely. The links to set up your account are below.

ACTION NEEDED:  Directions and links to set up your Greenlight Account

Setting up your account is simple.  Select the link below and enter the email address you use to receive Voyager newsletters. Families with multiple children can select any school their children attends.  Once your account is set up you will see all of your children associated with your account and be able to complete the daily health screening for each of them. After you complete your first survey you will see the Greenlight pass cleared indication.  We will have students select that option to show the larger pass during car line for screening along with their temperature check.   Each student will be able to show their Greenlight pass to ensure they are healthy and can attend school.  The app also provides support for families that need access to health care, testing, or additional community resources.  Please select the link below to set up your family account now.

Elementary School – activate account here:  

Middle School- activate account here:

High School – activate account here:

Account set up questions should be directed to [email protected]

The app is not yet in the app store so you can’t just download it at this time.  The developer is currently waiting for approval from Apple. Once you set up your account you can send the link  to your phone. Additional resources are below to assist with setting up your phones for easy access to our Greenlight health screening.

Videos to Help you set up your account and add it to the home screen on your phone

Here is a link to a video that walks through registering for Greenlight:

Greenlight Video from Claire –instructions to add Greenlight to your home screen on your phone

For iPhone users:

For Android users:

Questions regarding setting up your account should be directed to [email protected]. Once your account is set up you can also use their chat feature.