Voyager Academy Closing

Voyager Academy will close today, Friday, February 7th.

We apologize for the inconvenience and confusion. We tried to make a go of it this morning, but power is now out on campus. Students in the Elementary are in the building and safe. Please return as soon as possible to pick them up. Please park and come to the front office to pick up your students. Please do not drop off Middle and High School students.

Voyager not on delay

Hello families!

I know we always remind families that we follow the DPS delays and closures but we have checked in with our teams and with law enforcement and feel we will be safe to operate school without a delay.  However we will NOT offer early care to allow for some roads to get cleared if needed and we will NOT have sibling care without early care so ALL families will need to drop off at EACH building.
If you feel it is unsafe to drive please know that tardies and absences will be excused.
Thanks for your patience as we make all decisions in the best interest of our students and staff!
Have a great night .