URGENT Schedule information for FRIDAY 12/14

Dear Viking families,

As you all know, it has been board policy for years to follow the DPS operating schedule related to inclement weather. We are concerned that there may be yet another delay posted for tomorrow, Friday.   In effort tot maintain integrity to our semester block schedule in the HIGH SCHOOL, we will operate on our normal schedule for ALL high school students only.  Please do use your own judgement to determine if your teenage driver is well-equipped to travel in any road conditions or please plan to drop your student at the high school so we can proceed with our final exams.  If you truly have a traffic pattern that is unsafe to travel, we expect you will use your best judgement in arriving.  We are making the exception to our rule in order to provide students the best chance for success in completing all end of semester exams and to have a natural break in the calendar and to return in January to a new schedule.  If you have an emergency, we will accommodate make-up exams as appropriate for those individual cases.

Please note that IF DPS posts a delay, the ELEMENTARY and the MIDDLE School WILL operate on a delay, but the HIGH SCHOOL will open at regular hours to meet testing requirements.

If you are uncertain of this message, please reach out to your building principal. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to email me directly.

We appreciate your continued support and your appreciation for student and staff safety as we navigated this large winter storm.  We will share any other changes to the schedule if it becomes necessary in the Spring, but at this time, we do not have to adjust our calendar as we have plenty of instructional hours built in to meet state requirements.

Thanks again. Have a great night and to all our High School kiddos, good luck on your final exams.

Jennifer Lucas, M.Ed
Managing Director, Voyager Academy
A fully accredited K-12 Charter School