Welcome to the 18-19 School Year!

Dear Viking parents/staff,

As a follow-up to our last email we are incredibly excited about the active construction Stadium complex. As we anticipated, we need to adjust Carline arrival and dismissal times and patterns just a little bit. There are no changes to Elementary but there are slight changes to the Middle School and high school bell schedules of 15 minutes. These changes are only short-term until the construction has moved off of the campus.

Please make sure you read ALL attachments in their entirety to help us open and move traffic efficiently and safely.

Also attached are the mandatory car line tags and all the information you need to open and activate your lunch accounts.

If your child normally qualifies for free for reduced lunches, please remember that it takes us two weeks to provide approval and qualification letters. You should pack a lunch for the first two weeks of school until we receive your qualification letter back during the first few days of school. A more detailed explanation is included in the newsletter.

Thank you, and as always, we appreciate your patience as we continue to grow our campus and build an amazing athletic complex and home field stadium!!

Jennifer Lucas, M.Ed
Managing Director, Voyager Academy
A fully accredited K-12 Charter School


Carline Construction Morning
Carline Construction Afternoon