Fill the Bucket for First in Families of Durham

Dear Voyager Families,
As a part of the season of giving, please come and select a gift tag to “fill the bucket” for First in Families of Durham County.  This is a school-wide, K – 12, project that encourages teachers, students and families to purchase gifts for others within our Durham community. Specifically, the gifts will go to Durham families that have children with developmental disabilities.  Students/Staff/Parents select a gift tag from the bucket in the main lobby at VAES, VAMS, or VAHS and return the UNwrapped gift with the gift tag taped to the bag to VAES, VAMS, or VAHS by Friday, December 11th. Some tags list more than one item. You do not need to purchase all of the items.  Please visit our lobby and select a gift tag!
For more information about Durham First in Families, please visit: