Hello Voyager Vikings!

Welcome back to School! I am so excited to see everyone again and to share with you the changes and improvements we have made over the summer in our buildings and on the grounds. We are very optimistic that the new arrival/dismissal procedures are going to work out great for all families. The Voyager Care director has a fantastic program with lots of enrichments and thoughtful activities planned. The Athletic Director has gotten all of our Sports teams well under way with big plans for fundraising efforts to help take our Student Athletes to the next level. The lunch program will have more options for you and the ordering system has shifted into a monthly program to provide you with more flexibility. Our revised Master Schedules will provide a solid instructional framework to support academic achievement with a designated time for every student across the school to receive remediation or acceleration as needed. We will be implementing a Legos/Robotics elective in the Elementary School and will continue to expand this elective through the other grades each year and our High School is invited to join the competitive Robotics team with the students from The NC School of Math and Science. Our new PTA will be holding a membership drive through Open House and we hope you all join them to improve our parent participation and build our community spirit. We encourage you to show your Voyager pride by purchasing Voyager apparel and allowing your children to wear it often. I feel confident that this year will be your child’s best year yet! The rest of our staff is as excited as I am to be back on campus and to “do what is best for kids”.


Jennifer Lucas, M. Ed.
Managing Director, Voyager Academy
“Integrity is the consistency between what we say and what we do”