Morning Drop Off:

A. If you have a High School Student only, use the traffic pattern posted on the website. Doors open at 7am and close at 7:30am.

B. If you have a High School student and a middle school student, you DO NEED to drop your high school student and then drive through middle school car line. The main road in between the schools is a public access road and we can’t have our younger students crossing here alone. It is the only combination of students we can’t accommodate with one drop off. If you also have elementary students, you will leave at them at the Middle School and they will be escorted to Elementary School by our Early Care staff.

C. If you ARE A HIGH SCHOOL DRIVER with siblings, you will drop your siblings at the back of the Elementary School for early care at NO CHARGE and check in to school on time.

D. If you have a Middle School student only, use the traffic pattern posted.

E. If you have Middle School students with Elementary siblings, drop ALL students at the middle school and the Elementary Students will be escorted to Elementary School by our Early Care staff.

Afternoon Pick Up:

A. If you have any group of siblings or carpool set up, you will ONLY go to the Elementary School pick up line for ALL students. Do not plan to be in car line much before 3:30 so we have time to group all kids together. HS students will be allowed to walk over to the Elementary School and the Middle School students will be escorted to the Elementary School by the After Care staff.

B. If you don’t have any sibling groups, you will follow the posted traffic pattern on the website.